Efata, Ateliers nomades has developed from the conviction that art is a tool and a matter of openness, it is a journey towards oneself and towards the world whose condition is the ability to let oneself be touched and to reveal oneself at the same time.


A potential that is constantly provoked, developed and exercised. Art resonates in this perspective as an emergency, a necessity, that of establishing connections, of seeking oneself in a link to the other.


Efata, Ateliers nomades aims, in that sense, to be a catalyst for moments of creation and possibilities of interaction through art.


Its very principle knows no geographical, linguistic, cultural or racial barriers: Efata, Ateliers nomades invites itself wherever there is a desire to establish a dialogue through art. 


Its growth will be organic, or it will not be.


Efata, which means “open up”, is a platform born with the objective of creating bridges between artistic practices of different geographies, investigating art as a conveyor of a historical, social, cultural and identity related contexts as well as a tool for exploring contemporary realities.


It brings together a community of professionals from the art world (artists, teachers, curators, writers, free spirits) who collaborate from their own areas of professional and geographical anchoring on punctual projects and collaborative or collective artistic moments.


Efata, Ateliers nomades is a mobile entity that is established in chosen locations. Its scope and services expand, growing along with its partnerships born of a common will to foster creativity as a tool for openness and exchange.


Efata, Ateliers nomades develops and implements tailormade educational projects, cultural mediation plans, curatorial services, as well as workshops and meetings around artistic practices, exhibitions or places that we look at through the prism of art, its history its multidimensional implications and challenges.


Our services are aimed at individuals, groups but also educational, cultural, and artistic institutions such as schools, museums, art centers, galleries, private collections, and foundations.


Efata, Ateliers nomades responds to a rarity of artistic projects in French and English language in the current art scene in Lisbon by offering diverse yet targeted services, in French and English.